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Dominican Residency

Obtaining resident status in the Dominican Republic may seem unnecessary due to sometimes lax enforcement of immigration laws. However, those who have obtained their residencies enjoy clear advantages over illegal aliens. These advantages include access to healthcare, education, and the ability to work legally in the country."

The advantages of obtaining residency status in the Dominican Republic are numerous. Legal residents can work and do business, bring in household items tax-free, and enter the country without having to buy a tourist card Additionally, obtaining residency status in another country can be a prerequisite for not paying taxes on income earned outside of one's home country.

Benefits Re: Dominican Republic Residency

For a foreign national planning an extended stay in the country, obtaining legal Dominican Republic residency is possible.
Once you acquire your residency status, a range of attractive benefits become accessible.

  • A more advantageous tax structure

  • The ability to enter the Dominican Republic without the $10 tourist visa requirement upon arrival.

  • Avoidance of the 50% surcharge on estate taxes.

  • An exemption on tax for importing household items such as kitchen appliances, furniture, etc.

  • No import tax imposed on a vehicle you bring in.

  • Freedom to travel without needing a round-trip ticket

  • Eligibility to obtain a full Dominican driver’s license (foreign driver’s licenses are only valid for 90 days). With a full DR license, you’ll be covered by your insurance plan in the event of a traffic accident.

  • Option to attend any Dominican school or university and pay in pesos rather than dollars (International students are charged tuition fees in dollars).

  • Permission to work and conduct business in the Dominican Republic

  • Ability to facilitate many business transactions in the Dominican Republic, such as securing bank loans and applying for credit.


Accelerate Your Dominican Republic Residency Status as a Foreign Investor


Qualifying as a foreign investor allows you to bypass the temporary residency stage and apply directly for permanent residency.
This eliminates the standard five-year wait period!

So, what makes a foreign investor?

The Dominican Republic targets three types of investors:

  • Pensioner or Retiree: An individual with a fixed monthly retirement income, pension or annuity of at least $1,500 monthly. For each additional applicant per family, an additional US$250 is needed.

  • Independent Rental Investor: Anyone generating at least US$2,000 of monthly income from any investment abroad or non-salaried source abroad (like bank account interest, brokerage accounts, rental income, royalties, etc.).

  • Lump Sum Investor: Proving you’ve invested at least US$200,000 in local financial instruments, real estate, business enterprises, etc. within the Dominican Republic.

Path to Acquiring Your Dominican Republic Residency Status

Step 1: Secure Your Temporary Dominican Republic Residency


Generally, the first step is applying for a temporary Dominican Republic residency status. After some initial paperwork, your status will be granted in 6 to 8 months.
With temporary residency status, you’re legally permitted to live and work in the Dominican Republic. As an added perk, you’re exempt from purchasing a tourist card to enter the country.

Once granted, your temporary residency is valid for a year.

Step 2: Renew Your Dominican Republic Temporary Residency Annually for Up to 5 Years

After a year, you can renew your temporary permit for another year. The process is simpler this time than for the initial application.

Step 3: Transition to Dominican Republic Permanent Residency

After five years as a temporary resident, you’re eligible to upgrade your status to permanent.

Step 4: Apply for Naturalization

After 2 years as a permanent resident, you can apply for naturalization. The naturalization process can take less than a year.

Maintaining Your Dominican Republic Residency Status

If you’ve obtained permanent residency status, you’ll need to return to the Dominican Republic every 4 years for renewal.
For temporary residency, annual renewals are necessary for the first four years. Late renewals are still possible but will incur a fine.

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